People work most days, spend money every day,
but only get paid on payday. Does this make sense in 2022?

Pay is the fundamental link between employers and employees. On-demand pay unlocks the power of this by focusing on when (not what) you pay staff.

By closing the gap between work and pay,
the financial wellbeing of workers dramatically improves; while attrition, time taken to hire, absenteeism and unfilled shifts are slashed for employers.

All without impacting cashflow or changing payroll systems.

There’s been a huge revolution in how people spend, Level is the revolution in how people get paid.

On-demand pay you can trust

Level is built to be the most credible on-demand pay platform and is regulated for the enterprise.

  • ISO 27001 Regulated by the FCA
    in our own name
  • FSCS Fully covered by the
    government’s FSCS
  • Registered with ICO and NCA
  • ISO 27001 ISO27001 and
    CyberEssentials certified